Anquan Boldin was traded to the San Francisco 49ers for nearly nothing right after winning the Super Bowl with the Baltimore Ravens. Granted, the Ravens were in a tight spot with cap space so Boldin was just a casualty of that. The veteran had a good season in 2013, breaking 1,000 yards on less than 90 catches. He led his team in both receptions and reception yards while placing second in TD's behind Vernon Davis. 

Now, Boldin will surely be one of the 49ers' radar this offseason as they would surely like to keep him. If he were to test the market though, maybe the Patriots would show some interest. Boldin is not the tall, outside deep threat that many Pats fans may think that the team needs, but at 6 ft 1 in and 222 lbs, he has 'big play' written all over him. As for his price? That will likely be the issue.

Boldin made $6 million last season after refusing to take a $2 million reduction in order to stay in Baltimore. To be realistic, the Patriots will not spend this kind of money on a 33-year-old receiver. Will some other team? Who knows. If the market is somewhat soft or the Boldin's asking price leads to very few offers, maybe he won't demand as much and the Pats could swoop in. This seems like the only possible scenario considering that he already has a Super Bowl ring and taking a pay cut for a championship run is likely off the table.
Stats via NFL.com

Anthony Aidonidis

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