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According to Ian Rapaport (tweet below), Andre Johnson would be willing to restructure his contract (not take a pay cut, mind you) to help a team get under the salary cap. Who cares? Well, he could end up being traded by the Texans. Again, why should Pats fans care? Because Rapaport mentions the Pats as 1 of 4 teams potentially interested in trading for Andre Johnson.

Back in May, our own Ned Brady examined the possibility of bringing him here, but it didn't seem likely to happen at the time. And it's still not, I don't think (although it would be nice!). Financially, the Pats may not have the cap room to pull it off. And not to mention, what would we have that Houston would want in return? Ryan Mallet could be a possibility, but the Pats probably won't want to use up the cap space on him, although given this new info that Johnson would restructure, the possiblitly is a little more distinct now than a couple months ago. And maybe having Tom Brady throwing to him would entice Johnson to follow through on his statement. It still seems more likely that the Texans would bite the dust and give him what he wants, but you never know. He told the team he wants to play elswhere, according Rapaport (tweet below).

I could be wrong, though, given the reports of this rift between Johnson and the Texans. Actually, I hope I am wrong and he comes to New England. Brady to Johnson sounds wicked nice.

Conor Frederick 7/11/2014 05:44:00 PM Edit

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