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If you read my "on the bubble article" on Sealver Siliga, you'd know he is a beast. Not too mention he is a blue collared guy and extremely humble. He knows his back is up against the wall and his chances of making the team will be low.

In an article by USA Today, Sealver Siliga talks about how he is learning from the players in front of him. Such as Vince Wilfork, Tommy Kelly and even rookie Dominique Easley. Given the grueling nature of the position and how injuries can happen at any moment of an NFL game.

"I can learn from older guys, guys that have been through the league," Siliga said. "I watch Vince. I watch TK (Kelly). I watch Will. I watch those guys and I just take pieces from them and I try to do it every day."
We need depth on our defensive line. Siliga proved last year he can be more than a stop gap player. He proved he could be an impact player.

Time is running out, but I'm hoping he makes the team.

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