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NFL contract analyzers Over The Cap declared Denver Broncos, DeMarcus Ware deal as worst on the team. Over the cap is a website which analyzes all of the best and worst deals of the NFL off season by projecting a players performance as compared with his position, age, injury history and dollar value.

Via over the cap:

a $10 million a year contract for a 32 year old pass rusher coming off injury seems excessive. Ware received $16.5 million in full guarantees and $20 million in virtually guaranteed salary on this contract

The best comparisons for Ware are Jared Allen and Julius Peppers. Here are their numbers from last season compared to the contracts they received.

 DeMarcus Ware 13GP 40Tackles 6 Sacks New Deal:$10Mill 16 M Guaranteed

  Jared Allen 16GP 53Tackles 11.5Sacks New Deal:$8Mill 15 M Guaranteed

  Julius Peppers 16GP 45tackles 7.0Tackles New Deal: $8.67 7.5M Guaranteed

 This is insane considering they let go of Elvis Dumervil. With young and irresponsible pass rusher Von Miller coming off injury and one slip up away from a Josh Gordon situation:
I think this Ware signing showed a bit more desperation than the Broncos usually show when modelling their contracts.
Yikes this has got to hurt !

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