Vince Wilfork's health was front and center today. After reports of him slimming down seemed positive, there was big play ability on display, and a injury to another defensive lineman increases the importance of the big man's health.

Note: This probably goes down as the play of the practice, as the twitter buzz and fan response have been insane. Wilfork Mountain is probably the best Revis Island pun I heard related to Wilfork.

Note: That 30-35 yard distance is also an area in the past where Brady has loved going up the middle to split cover 2 defense (2 safety defense with each one taking a half of the field) to Gronkowski in the past. Having multiple options at that distance could really elevate offensive efficiency.

Note: Siliga has been impressive to many in preseason, and seemed all but a roster lock. If this is anything serious he could lose out to players at many positions fighting for the end of the 53 man.

Note: This is a Redskins reporter, which could actually mean that is the perception building around the league. I'll tell you this, I was at Friday's practice and he looked terrible.

StilesWC 8/05/2014 03:24:00 PM Edit

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