Brady's trust in Lafell allows him to "let it rip"

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In the past few years the Pats have brought in veteran receivers to give number 12 more options in the passing game with lackluster results. Ochocinco never seemed to be where he was supposed to be, Lloyd also had route issues and Amendola primarily sees the ball on special teams. Lafell's story on the team is going quite different.

Lafell has had a good year so far with New England with 39 catches for 576 and 5 touchdowns. His highest season totals in Carolina were 49 catches (2013) 677 yards (2012) and 5 touchdowns (2013). As a Patriot Lafell has been the X receiver that the Pats have been lacking the past few seasons. His long arms and above average ability to block has him fitting in comfortable as a Patriot.

According to Lafell's quarterback it is about trust. Recently Brady was asked about his chemistry with the former Panther and stated:

I think it’s a big trust thing. You have to trust when the ball is in the air, they’re not going to make the play on it. When you’re in those one-on-one situations, as a quarterback, you can only really control it until it leaves your hand. So, even though the outcome may not be good, sometimes you made the right decision, but you as a quarterback, when you’re decisive and you trust that someone’s going to make a positive play, it’s much easier just to let it rip. He’s really allowed me to do that. He’s been such a fun player, a fun teammate to have. He’s my locker-mate, so we have a great relationship. It’s been a lot of fun.

Do you believe that Lafell will have a long successful career in New England or will he fizzle out? Let us know in the comments section below!

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