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The haters are gonna love this one - Tom Brady said last night that he doesn't see himself as an all-time great quarterback.

Throughout his career, Brady has been compared to the likes of Joe Montana, Terry Bradshaw and others. Speaking to the media last night at the team's hotel in Arizona, Brady said the following:

“€œIt’€™s very flattering any time you’€™re mentioned with great players and guys that I idolized growing up,”€ Brady said Monday night. “I don’€™t ever see myself on that level. I can be a pretty tough critic on myself.”

According to Ryan Hannable of WEEI.com, Brady holds the all-time Super Bowl record for most completions (127) and passing yards (1,277). He will be participating in his sixth Super Bowl this Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks.

This is just Brady being modest, as he always has been throughout his career. He's never been one to flaunt his on-field accomplishments, like say...a certain Seahawks corner back.

“I respect all the guys that have played this game before. I understand how challenging it is to play the position,” he added. “There’€™s a lot of guys that do it at a high level currently. There’€™s a lot of guys who have played it at a really high level in the past. I have a lot of respect for those guys and what they’€™ve been able to accomplish.

“Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana won four. A couple guys have won three, Troy Aikman’€™s won three, so it’€™s tough to do it every year. Everyone starts at the bottom and everyone’€™s trying to claw their way to the top, and there’€™s a lot of attrition that sets in. It’€™s a tough challenge, it’€™s a tough journey and to be one of the last two teams is a great accomplishment. Only one of the two teams is going to feel good this time next week, so I hope we’€™re that team.”

Brady has been one of the people in the Patriots' organization that has been in the spotlight the most over the last week, with a press conference last week to touch on Deflate-Gate, saying his feelings were hurt over the situation, and then last night. Thankfully for him and the rest of the team, last night was more about football than any of that other BS.

Eat your little hearts out, haters.

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