In the divisional round against Baltimore Blount mostly watched his team win on the sideline as Tom Brady lead an amazing comeback. The team abandoned the run early in the game which left Blount with 1 yard for 3 carries. That rest really helped Blount carry the team yesterday.

With three touchdowns and over 140 yards on the ground Blount had a lot to be happy about. When asked about his relationship to the organization Blount exclaimed:

It's the best. The best place I've been... I enjoy it. I love being here. I love the team. I love my guys. The coaches, Mr. Kraft, coaches, everybody. They welcomed me with open arms and it's been an amazing ride.

Throughout Blount's career he has never had a solid relationship with his football organization besides New England. While playing in Oregon Blount was suspended several times. He missed some time against Cal for not following team rules and was suspended indefinitely after an incident with a Boise State player as shown below.

Blount did not seem to learn from his mistake in Idaho. After not being drafted in 2010 Blount was signed by the Titans and during practice decided to throw down yet again.

After being traded to New England from Tampa Bay Blount seemed to settle down. Last offseason Blount wasn't able to reach a deal with the Patriots and the Steelers signed Blount to be the back up to Le'Veon Bell. Last summer Blount and Bell were caught by police with marijuana while driving. The situation with Blount and Pittsburgh reached a tipping point when Blount left the field early in the Steelers Monday Night Football game with the Titans. That week Pittsburgh released Blount and soon after the Patriots jumped at the opportunity to nab him.

Why is Blount so successful both on and off the field in New England? Some might say it is the "Patriot way" that turned around Blount, similar to what happened with Randy Moss, Corey Dillon and Aqib Talib.

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