The Colts have faith in Chuck Pagano after fake punt...somehow

Credit: USA Today/For the Win

For some (read: those with common sense), the Colts' botched swinging gate play in last Sunday's game against the Patriots symbolized one thing -- Chuck Pagano's seat is rapidly heating up.

For others, such as Colts management, it could be a chance to shine a positive light on Pagano, as they liked how he conducted himself in the aftermath of the play.

According to's Ian Rapoport, the situation demonstrated Pagano's ability to keep his cool when everything else is a disaster -- and a play like that essentially defines what an on-field disaster could be in the NFL.

"It was embarrassing, obviously," Rappoport told the NFL Network's Rich Eisen earlier in the week on NFL Gameday. "But this organization really liked how Pagano handled it in the aftermath. That gave them a little more confidence in him that he can deal with some of these really critical situations."

Pagano did take responsibility for the botched play, but what else was he supposed to do? There's not much else that can be done to redeem a situation like that.

The Colts' 3-4 record keeps them in first place in a weak AFC South, and Rapoport also speculated that management may like to keep Pagano around for the remainder of the season. But reports of a heated argument between owner Jim Irsay and GM Ryan Grigson have surfaced following their 27-21 loss to New Orleans this week, creating even more of a question mark for Pagano's future in Indianapolis.

The Colts have been in disarray over the season, which has been their bigger storyline. Regardless of how that chaos ends, one thing is certain -- that failed swinging gate play will be exactly what comes to mind when you think of their 2015 season.

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