Brandon Marshall to Josh McDaniels: 'what were you guys thinking?'

Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall was one of many who were wondering what the Patriots' strategy was heading into overtime last Sunday.

You know the story by now - they kicked off to the Jets, who marched down the field and scored a touchdown to win the game. It initially looked like it was all on Matthew Slater, who was the one who told the referees after the Patriots won the coin toss that they wanted to kick off.

Turns out the decision was Bill Belichick's, and his alone. Belichick wanted the Patriots' defense to force a three-and-out to set the offense up with good field position and a chance to get into field goal range. Considering how anemic the Patriots' offense was on Sunday, the strategy makes sense, but it was a decision that some Patriots fans understandably didn't like. Marshall talked to Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels after the game and tried to get an explanation.

Via Sportsnaut:

“After the game Josh McDaniels came up to me, my old ball coach in Denver, and I asked ‘What were you guys thinking?'” Marshall said, via CSN New England. “He explained to me the situation a little bit but I didn’t believe him.”

Marshall went on, praising the Patriots for their smarts and attention to detail.

“They’re so smart over there. Coach Belichick is so smart. It wasn’t serious what Josh told me. Their offense only scored one time or something all day. They wanted to play the field position game. Have us go three and out. Possibly punt and win field position, then go home. It was just bad timing for them.”

So clearly Marshall doesn't believe this, and I'm sure others feel the same way he does.

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