Andy Reid: Chiefs had headset issues during Divisional Round matchup vs. Pats

Yeah, we're doing this again.

Following their 27-20 loss to the Patriots in Saturday's Divisional Round game in Foxboro, Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid told reporters in his end-of-season press conference that his team experienced problems with their headset communication between the coaching staff and quarterback Alex Smith.  

Reid detailed that the issues popped up in the first half, but that it wasn't anything extreme or long-lasting. It's a shame, Reid didn't get 98.5 The Sports Hub in their ears like Mike Tomlin did.

Really, the people who constantly get let off the hook every time the headsets for the opposition go haywire in Gillette Stadium are the guys who actually built Gillette Stadium. They apparently had no idea how to build a stable network capable of accommodating a load of telecommunications devices, and whenever the frequencies go a little off the grid, people suspect some subterfuge on the part of Bill Belichick and the Pats...when this whole time it's likely been the terrible setup of Gillette's wiring system.


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