Broncos LB Brandon Marshall: Rob Gronkowski is tough to cover "because he pushes off"

Broncos whiny linebacker Brandon Marshall hopped on PFT Live on Monday to talk about the upcoming AFC Championship Game, and when asked why Pats tight end Rob Gronkowski is so hard to cover, his answer was, "Because he pushes off."

Yeah, Brandon, just like that OUTRAGEOUS PUSH OFF that wiped out a crucial third-down conversion that would've likely won the game for the Pats back in Week 12 in Denver?

Gronkowski's physicality and strength is what makes him the greatest force in football on offense, and because players like Brandon Marshall complained that he's too physical, the league made an effort to single him out and whistle him for offensive pass interference more frequently this season. #87 was flagged five times for OPI in 2015, and the one above was literally one of the worst calls of the season, and that's saying something for how terrible NFL officials are.

Remember this gem from Week 10 against the Giants in New York? There's definitely no double-standard here, people.