Chris Hogan talks about joining Patriots

Newly acquired Patriots wide receiver Chris Hogan sounds like he's really going to enjoy New England. The Patriots officially signed him on March 11 after the Buffalo Bills declined to match New England's offer sheet.

In a conference call with the Boston media last week, Hogan began by talking about what it meant to him to sign with New England:

"It was a very surreal feeling. I’ve always looked up to watching them play,” Hogan said today during a phone conference with local media. “They’ve been a team that has a long history of winning. Just to be considered a part of this team is a great honor. I’m still letting it all sink in. This is an awesome opportunity for me.”

On working with Tom Brady:

“I know that communication is huge in this league and (with) Tom,” said Hogan, a restricted free agent who was signed after the Bills failed to match the Patriots' offer sheet. “This whole process and just signing with the Patriots has just unfolded. It’s just getting set now. I’m looking forward to getting in the building and being around the guys, getting to know the guys, and getting to know Tom. It’s all very exciting.”

On being a "prototypical" Patriot:

“I’m not exactly sure about the prototypical Patriot. I just know I’m coming to this team and to help this team win in any way possible,” he said. “I’ll do whatever it takes to get on the field and whatever is asked of me and whatever is needed of me. I’m willing to do anything and everything to help this team win. I hope that I’m able to do that.”

On his growth as a player in the NFL:

“I have grown so much since I’ve started in this league, and it’s something that I feel every single year," he said. "I’m always growing, I’m always learning. I almost tell people sometimes I’m still new to this sport. I like to approach it that way, that there’s still so much for me to learn, and there’s still so much for me to grow as a receiver and as a football player. Every single year is a year for me to take a look at how I’ve grown and how I can get better, and better myself as a football player, as a receiver, and just as an overall team player.”

On his success as an opponent against the Pats:

“I just happen to have a lot of success against the Patriots. Funny story, I scored my first touchdown against the Patriots. My success wasn’t attributed to any contributing factor other than me just watching film and knowing my opponent.”

How will he fit into the offense?

“I don’t exactly know how I’m going to fit into the offense yet. I’m looking forward to getting up to Foxboro, getting in the building, getting to know the people, getting to know my teammates."

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