Tom Brady makes a Von Miller joke; Todd Bowles wants Brady out of the AFC East

We know Tom Brady is very good at posting hilarious and witty things on Facebook. Even though he's on vacation with his family, that isn't stopping him from getting a couple of laughs on the interweb.

Brady posted a picture of he and his family riding horses and made a funny reference to Von Miller.

This bronco seems to like me more than Von Miller does...
Posted by Tom Brady on Wednesday, March 23, 2016

While Brady's off living a better life than all of us, coaches on AFC East teams not named Patriots can't wait for the day he's no longer playing. Jets head coach Todd Bowles really wants to see Brady gone.

Per Pat Bradley of NESN:

“They’ve got a lot of other players other than Chandler Jones,” Bowles told ESPN at the NFL Annual Meeting on Tuesday. “If you get about 20 more of them out of our division, I’ll be happy.”

Among those players, moving Patriots quarterback Tom Brady certainly ranks the highest.

“If you can work that one out,” Bowles joked, “you can have my truck.”

That's certainly a compliment to how good Brady is. Unfortunately for Bowles, Brady is sticking around for a few more years barring injury.

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