Roger Goodell 'pleased' with Tom Brady ruling

Roger Goodell has weighed in on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit's decision to reinstate Tom Brady's four-game suspension, for his first public comment on the matter since the decision was rendered yesterday.

Speaking to Bloomberg TV (by way of the Boston Herald), the Ginger Hammer expressed how satisfied he was with the decision, citing its protection for the "integrity of the game," and essentially implies how happy he is that his ultimate authority hasn't been called into question. From the Herald:

"We think that was the right decision," Goodell told Bloomberg TV. "They were very firm in their decision that it was within our authority and the judgements were based on solid facts. So we're pleased with that and hope we can move forward from here. 
"Well, you know, this is something we've had in our constitutional bylaws and our collective bargaining agreements for decades," he said when asked if he thought changes should be made to the way the NFL metes out justice. "We think it's important that the commissioner protect the integrity of the game. That you can't entrust that to someone who has really no understanding of our business. And in fact the appellate court yesterday reaffirmed that. 
"So we think this is an important element of our success. We obviously have changed our discipline process through the years and we'll continue to do that if we think it's in the best interest of the NFL."

Both Brady and the NFLPA could still file an appeal, and return to court. At the same time, however, the court could refuse to hear the case, and Brady would have to continue to serve his suspension -- which our own Jesse Gaunce has argued would be the logical course of action.

Brady and the Patriots, at this time, have yet to comment on the new ruling.

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