Bill Simmons says Tom Brady should keep on fighting suspension until he's old and gray

The whole Deflategate thing stinks. Robert Kraft should have never given in, the New England Patriots should have had a 1st round pick in this year's draft, and Tom Brady should not be dealing with suspension talk during another offseason. While many people are saying Brady should just give up and take the 4 game suspension, Bill Simmons isn't one of them.
“He got railroaded,” Simmons said. “It was a smear campaign. Why should he let it go? If someone did a smear campaign on you, would you let it go? Would you be like, ‘You know what, I’m going to take it. Somebody made something up about me. The general public thinks that I’m a cheater, and it hurt my marketability, it’s hurt my legacy, I’m going to let this one go.’ Why would he do that? I would be mad at him if he let it go. At this point, just keep going. I want it to keep going until he’s 80.”

Brady recently had his four-game suspension reinstated by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals. He’s currently appealing that decision, but if the entire court won’t hear it, his only recourse would be the Supreme Court, which is a longshot.

I don't like how this latest 2 to 1 judge overruling somehow makes Roger Goodell think he was in the right all along. Nope, a judge disagreed with you before Roger and ruled in Brady's behalf. And now 2 out of 3 ruled in your behalf. So 50% of the judges think you were wrong. And now other teams' fans are going to say, "See Brady is a cheater." It's ridiculous.

I'm not worried how the Patriots will fare during the first 4 games of the season. USA betting sites by project the Patriots will do just fine with Jimmy Garoppolo filling in at quarterback. But regardless if the Patriots start the season 4-0 or 0-4, what happened to Brady will never be ok. Goodell's ego got in the way of doing the right thing. He should be the one getting a suspension, but with the prefix permanent in front of his.