Josh McDaniels wants to head coach again

Josh McDaniels. As Patriots we love him as our offensive coordinator, working with Tom Brady to decimate opposition defenses every week for our pleasure. Although there is going to be a time where he wants to be the head honcho again.

He 'Loves' the Patriots but 'wants to be a head coach again', well you can't really blame him, can you? Mcdaniels is one of the most in-demand coaches in the NFL but every time an opportunity has arisen he has stuck with the Pats. It's not as if he has been short of offers with the 49ers, Falcons, Dolphins, Giants and Titans all registering strong interest in the past few years. This shows how talented a coach he is, to garner all this recognition from other franchises, but he has had this opportunity before.

McDaniels was given the job as head coach of the Broncos in 2009 at the age of 33. The youngest-ever NFL head coach and he replaced the legendary, Mike Shanahan. It started off all rosy with a 6-0 start including an overtime victory over the Patriots. After that, it went downhill with only 5 victories in the next 22 games and he was sacked before the end of the 2010 season.

It seems though like McDaniels loves coaching with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, well why wouldn't you. In addition, his family likes the area they live in, so what is the need to leave your comfort zone. This is a very talented coach but the way his Denver side capitulated under his leadership proves a point that, Does McDaniels have the metal to be the main man rather than just a brilliant No.2?

In my opinion, when McDaniels decides to take his next head coaching job, which is inevitable, he will be very successful because he is extremely talented and driven coach but also he has been schooled by the best, Bill Belichick.

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