Memo to NFL Teams: You still suck

TO: All NFL teams
FROM: Patriots fans on behalf of the New England Patriots
CC: Roger Goodell
DATE: Monday, September 26th 2016
SUBJECT: You still suck

To Whom This May Concern:

The Patriots are guaranteed to be in first place in the division when the greatest quarterback in history returns from his four game suspension in one week's time.

You blew it.

You had your chance to put the Pats in a hole so deep few teams ever come out to make the playoffs, let alone win a division. Yet the three teams you instructed to do your bidding couldn’t cut the mustard. Now your hope lies with the Bills to put the smallest of blemishes on an otherwise perfect beginning to a season.

You really blew it.

As with any NFL season one can’t predict the remaining 12 games with any certainty. The nature of the sport breeds chaos unlike any other. This makes what the Pats did so much more remarkable. To win with not one, but two backup quarterbacks in a 3 game span is unprecedented. Now Tom Brady returns with a division lead, a defense performing at peak levels, a suddenly resurgent running game, oh and a Gronk.

Good luck.

Photo: Robert Deutsch, USA TODAY Sports

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