Ring Envy - What Texans fans said - 9/22

Texans fans were understandably fired up for their team's game against the Patriots, given that the odds seemed to be in Houston's favor. But once again, the opposition's fans were eating a lot of shit by the time this sucker ended. Aside from a few cheating comments, most of the fans were down on Bill O'Brien and the playcalling, and some couldn't believe they were losing to a third-string quarterback. 

Can we go into their house and win? Why not. The stars couldn't be more aligned. Will they cheat to get an advantage on us? - Yes Will the refs make some extremely questionable calls that go the Patriots way? - Yes But.....JJ WATT - YES

I have a dream that i will wake up Friday Morning and the sports world will be buzzing about the Texans going into Foxborough and DOMINATING the Patriots and shutting them out. Mind you, this is a dream, not an expectation.

O'brien will go 7-0 against rookie quarterbacks

It's hard to change tradition of losing. I think it starts tonight. No way our guys walk out without a win tonight.

If they lose this game, they should be forced to wear those letterman jackets forever!!

Id also like to see OB come out from the belicheat protégé shadow and run the score up on them as much as possible and not let off the gas.

I'm normally the Debbie downer when the Texans have a tough game ahead of them. Not this time. We should win this with no problem.

Will be interesting to see how the refs allow JJ to be held and tackled this game with no call vs how far they are going to go to protect the Pats QB at all cost.

now they're gonna make it sound like the patriots defense is a monster... let's show them ours...

The famous give up on 3rd and long rears it's ugly head.

Awesome, pass interference. Playing well tonight so far, sheesh.

this is ridiculous...man its like they feel some kind of loyalty to them and are letting them do whatever they want...the hell with defense and the hell with any kind of killer instinct...

At least I am starting Blount in ff, Texans suck.

we're getting killed by a 3rd string rookie qb (with ref help)? sounds like the old us... come the **** on texans!!

they better wake the hell up...this is embarrassing

cant move the ball and losing to a team on crutches...smfh

we should have just worn letterman jackets to the game

Embarrassing as @#$&

That's on the special teams. It's okay, this team is beatable. I'm not worried yet.

Awesome start and great play calling have created an atmosphere conducive to a Texans loss. Great game plan BO, play conservative and hope for good field position. Let's just forget about trying to score. Down 10 zip and the fun has just begun.

this play calling sucks and is predictable

at least one thing is good about this game: my hamburger helper...

Yep. I'd rather have Prescott.

Hmm, well we passed on 1st..........right to a NE player.

denver is laughing at our $37M investment...

You guys have no faith in the team. We are getting to 3-0 tonight. If it was easy. it wouldn't be worth anything. I relish the challenge our team has dug for itself.

time for savage?? no??? too soon???

Darn. I am not doing too good tonight. I did get the refs will cheat part right though.

Why are we calling time out. What a stupid coach.

god we are getting out coached...how ridiculous...why are you calling TO before the half when u cant stop them...just stupid

Is bills heart still in Mass... curious timeout there

76-0 record when leading at halftime in Foxboro? One of the more impressive achievements that I've heard. Wow.

Trap game boys!!...looking like the Pats will still own us

Patriots not exactly falling apart without Brady.

Well so far they are beating everyone with just their backups, they don't really need him apparently. I expect them to release Brady after tonight....wish I hadn't stopped drinking...

Let the halftime adjustments begin. I'm still not worried. We got this. Just enjoy the show.

and what did I just say...what in the hell are you doing holding on to your towel....hold on the **** ball...idiots.

Stinking it up tonight!!! Pretty much all phases. Letterman jackets curse??

this game is over....talk about a team coming out flat and uninspiring...nothing but retarded mistakes and turnovers....

Oh yea. These refs are all about the Patriots.

please no Super Bowl talk with the Texans, they're just another team

All I can hear is BOB opening Hard Knocks and how NO ONE CARES about the Houston Texans.......wasn't there a post this week about a lack of respect??

Go ahead and call me a bandwagon fan, but this game is absolutely terrible. Everyone making excuses why our offensive is so unproductive. We paid many people millions to get the job done. 20-0 and being out coached by Billichick and outplayed by a 3rd string QB. I don't see Bililchick making excuses. He takes what is given to him, makes the appropriate adjustments, and the executes the game plan. This is what separates champions from everyone else, excuses are nothing but attempting to justify why you one was defeated.

OB is belecheats *****.

I've been watching this game and I swear we suited up a bunch of middle school players. We are getting our butts kicked thoroughly: offense, defense and special teams. There is not a single aspect of this game where one can honestly say, "they came to play".

If we get past the 50 yard line at some point, do we call that a victory?

Hey we won!! Ran a play on their side.

Across teh 50! WIN!

We should have destroyed them. All day, national sports radio predicted a Patriots win, and we gave them the Texans they expected. I don't see us going anywhere with his amateur head coach. We've got our new QB, new RB, #2 WR option, Clowney back, Brady and Garoppolo out. Still not even close, and the punter is coaching the head coach on challenges.

Belichek put sleepy dust in the Texans gatorade. It's the only possible explanation.

No reason to be worried Texans fans. Belichick is just on another level this year. I fear for our remaining opponents when Brady returns.

Even with the refs cheating in the firt half, the Pats out played us tonight. They deserve the win.

NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I wanna stop watchimg this! It's KC in playoffs all over again.

Do you guys think the players feel as embarrassed as I do? I have a strong urge to go find a paper bag

If you can't beat a rookie 3rd string qb, you have no chance of winning the SB.

What a freaking show embarrassment of a game. That was by far the worst play calling by Godsey and O'Brien. Crennel couldn't even dial up any clever blitz schemes to rattle that youngster cage. It seemed as if we quit before we even started. These jokers have me so ticked off. Wow now I can not watch any sports or listen to sports radio for the entire week. Heck for practically two weeks.

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