Brady's first comments since his return to the Pats

Oh, it's good having him back, isn't it. The return of Tom Brady on Monday was the uplift the Patriots needed after a demoralizing defeat to the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.

Brady spoke in his weekly interview with Westwood One Radio's Monday Night Football halftime show.
“It was great to be back in the building and see my coaches,” he said. “And to get to work on actual football. I really enjoyed it.

I’m pretty motivated (all the time),” Brady said. “I’ve been dealing with a lot of adversities over the course of my career. I know all athletes at this point in their careers, nothing has been handed to them or given to them. You have to work hard to earn it. And you draw on those lessons you have learned over the course of a long athletic career to deal with all types of these situations.

I haven’t had the chance to be out there for four weeks. I’ve been watching my teammates go out and try to play at their very best, and they performed very well. I’m excited to go out there and join them.”

The return of arguably the greatest quarterback in NFL history is a huge boost, after the problems with quarterback injuries lately. Brady said two encouraging quotes in his first day back. 'It is a lot of fun to be back' and 'Getting a lot of Cleveland work done tonight.' Patriots fans who is buzzed for Sunday?

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