Despite early struggles, Stephen Gostkowski is not panicking

New England Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowski has been one of the most reliable kickers in all of the NFL in recent years. He has not missed more than 3 attempts in a season since 2012. He's missed 3 already in 2016, leaving many scratching their heads, especially Patriots fans and media who have grown accustom to his excellence.

Gostkowski has only hit on 7 of 10 attempts this season. He missed from 50 yards this past Sunday against the Browns. He missed from 48 yards against the Bills and from 39 yards against the Dolphins. With that said, the 4-time Pro Bowler is not making any excuses for his early struggles.

“I’m obviously not playing up to my standards," Gostkowski told the Boston Herald. "One thing I’ll never do is panic."

Gostkowski, now in his 11th season out of Memphis University, missed 3 kicks in 2015 and 2013, and only 2 in 2014. But he's not exactly ready to worry too much about things either.

"You've just got to roll with the punches. You can't get too high, can't get too low," Gostkowski told the paper.

Head coach Bill Belichick on Monday called Gostkowski one of the "most respected players on the team" because of his strong work ethic. Belichick also said he is grateful to have him leading the special teams unit. 

It's important to remember that Gostkowski did drill a 32-yard kick to help the Patriots knock off the Cardinals in week 1. The veteran should be just fine moving forward, and of course it helps to have Belichick in your corner.

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