Just A Normal Day As Tom Brady Returns

It is status quo in Foxborough with Tom Brady back. Did you expect anything else out of the New England Patriots?

Tom Brady has returned from his four-game suspension to a 3-1 team that looked super impressive without their Hall of Fame quarterback. Brady hasn’t been able to communicate with any Patriots’ coaches or players in his time away from the team. Backup quarterbacks held the fort down during Brady’s suspension before they became injured.  

Jimmy Garoppolo looked like the real deal and better than half the starting quarterbacks in the league in his six quarters of play before injuring his left shoulder. Jacoby Brissett played great for a third-round quarterback who never expected to play in the third game of the season when the Patriots drafted him back in April. The Patriots wowed the league when they dominated in their first three games, beating the Cardinals, Dolphins, and Texans.

Offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels did not mention any grand return by Brady, as it seems like it is business as usual in Foxborough. McDaniels said, “I didn’t notice any difference. It was four weeks, and we felt like it went fast. Tommy is ready to go - looks ready to go. We’ll see how everything goes in practice and kind of just build one day at a time as we go through this week.”

You have to love how normal and nonchalant the Patriots handle their business. They are getting their angry, superstar quarterback back and they make it seem like it is no big deal.

McDanels continued, “I don’t see it being much different in terms of a normal game week. We’ll try to do all the right things in terms of preparing and getting ready to play a team that we don’t know very well and that we're going to study hard to get familiar with, and go there and play a game on the road in a tough place to play.”

You heard the man. Nothing to see here. Just a normal week of getting perhaps the best quarterback ever back on your team after he served one of the most controversial, drawn out suspensions in sports history. With Tom Brady returning, be sure to check your calendar for the “Tom Brady Revenge Tour” to see when the Patriots will come to a town near you. If the Patriots’ coaches seem cool and confident, Patriots’ fans should have no worries of any potential rust from Brady.