Bart Scott and Cris Carter both believe the Falcons will overwhelm the Patriots in Super Bowl LI

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Well, cue the ridiculous hot takes.

One of the Patriots' biggest detractors, Bart Scott, is at it again with his nonsense. This time, he says that Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan is better than Tom Brady.


“We know they’re the better offense, and right now, you could say they got the better quarterback because they have the MVP of the league,”

I already discredit this take because it's his opinion that Ryan is the MVP this year. That isn't set in stone yet. However, we'll find out next Saturday night when the NFL announces it at their annual award show.

Ryan is certainly deserving of the award, but so isn't Brady, who had the best touchdown to interception ratio in the league in just 12 games. The idea that he can't be considered MVP because he missed four games is insane.

But then again, I'm not a talking head who gets paid to say ridiculous things.

Scott then went on to talk about the upcoming Super Bowl match up between the Pats and Falcons. Again, you probably won't be surprised at the direction he takes this.

“I can’t see the Patriots stopping this offense. So, that means that these receivers are going to have to [keep] pace. It’s all going to come down to what it always comes down to. It’s going to come down to who makes the turnovers, who gets up early and puts the pressure on the other team. Matt Ryan and that offense showed me a lot when they went behind [in the divisional round against the Seahawks]. Seattle came and busted them in the face, and [Atlanta] went right back down and answered immediately.

"The Patriots always find a way, but I think it makes it more close of a game than what people think.”

Scott seems to totally discredit the fact that the Patriots have the No. 1 ranked defense in points allowed (15.6 points per game) and the No. 1 scoring defense. They did have issues with forcing turnovers earlier in the year, but those troubles seem to have been rectified.

Speaking of the Patriots defense, there is another talking head who thinks the Falcons will be too much trouble for them - Cris Carter, who no one should take seriously after he championed every NFL rookie having a "fall guy."

FOX Sports:

CRIS: This is not the most dominant Patriots team that I’ve seen. When you look at it, there are holes on their defense. They’re very formidable in the front seven. They take teams out of rushing the football. But their linebackers, not great in pass coverage. And they do give up some yardage. If you look at the past six Super Bowls, they’re giving up almost 400 yards and more points in all those games than they did during the regular season.

So watching Atlanta, and watching them this season score 540 points, I believe this is the most formidable offense [the Patriots have faced in the Super Bowl], even over the “Greatest Show on Turf.” Belichick in that game decided to be very, very physical with the receivers on the outside, which in turn, the rules were changed where you can’t even play that anymore. And they tried to take Marshall Faulk, from being a receiver, out of the backfield. So what they did was, their rush ends, any time Marshall Faulk was to their side, they always contacted him and made sure he didn’t get a free release.

You can’t do that to Atlanta. They’ve got three great receivers. Their quarterback operates from under the gun and under center, and they’ve got two running backs. So their ability to run the ball between the tackles, they can be more physical than the “Greatest Show” could be against New England.

This Falcons offense certainly has the numbers to go up against the 2001 Rams offense, as they scored more points (540) than that Rams team did (503). The Rams have the upper hand in total yards at 6,690 compared to the Falcons 6,653, but the Rams did that in 1007 plays compared to the Falcons doing it in 995 plays.

In any case, Carter, like Scott, seems to discredit that the Patriots allow the fewest points in the league despite giving up chunks of yardage and are third in the NFL in total takeaways with 23. Ryan has been very careful with the football, only throwing seven interceptions all year, so it'll be interesting to see how New England's defense plays him.

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