Ring Envy - What Dolphins Fans Said - 1/1

This might be the most vicious Ring Envy I've ever done. Dolphins fans may hate the Patriots more than Bills and Jets fans, and that's saying a lot because Florida sports fans as a whole flat out suck. You know your fan base sucks even more when you pray Ndamukong Suh and others hurt Brady, Edelman and the like. But at the same time, it's pretty funny to read because it shows how jealous they are of the Pats' success.

Go phins!!! Lets really get into the minds of Pats fans as that team they just can NOT beat at home!!!

I dont care if its trashy, I hope Suh and Wake destroy Brady. Sick of these assholes

Lets do this Miami! **** the Patriots! Brady will probably tear us up but hopefully our D line absolutely destroys him a bunch of times. GO FINS!

Destroy Brady, even it means 15 yard penalties. Late hits on the qb, no problem. Just destroy him.

If we lose, we lose. I just want to see the patriots leaving saying "holy **** that was tough". Brady has to be destroyed though.

how many plays until they score on this defense?? I'll go 7!

Can someone break Edelman leg

They are moving it at will. Like a knife through butter.

We always give up a 1st drive TD

This playoff run is going to be very short if we can't play defense.

woof. this is going to get UGLY.

If we are going to leave Bennett open like that might as well sit our vets and get rdy for the playoffs. Waste of time.

****ing defense sucks man

Brady is truly amazing. He's 38.

Brady makes it look like NFL guys playing against PeeWee Football players.

To be fair, the NFL obviously does not want Oakland to have HFA. The Patriots aren't even trying to disguise huge holds and blocks in the back, and they are not being called.

My hope is that we end Brady's career today

Patriots offense plays by a different set of rules. No penalties allowed on their line. There were at least 3 blatant penalties on that drive. Block in the back by Solder on Alonso was as clear as day, as was the holding on Brady's 3rd down scramble.

To be fair, the patsies are Super Bowl bound, only team I see that can beat them is steelers. But use this game as practice, you cannot let Bennett run free. Ik we are limited on defense w so many injuries but damn at least don't let them hem run free.

Wide open. No protection. Not looking like a Playoff team what so ever.

I don't think we've ever won a game when fouts announces. That guy hates the Dolphins. I hate fouts.

First Dolphins drive: 3-and-out, false start, and holding on the punt.....There is only room for improvement there!

Dolphin fans are the worst

Now we're letting DUI rejects score.

this defense and the coordinator are total crap. this is embarrassing

why does it sound like a Pats home game smh

Patriots just want this win more, really sad showing thus far by this team

I'm stuck around a bunch of chowder heads. This is miserable. I hate their fans more than the pats

Got trucked by a drunk

Defense has no desire to play today. None at all!

This will be a 31-3 game. The patriots and ravens are the two matchups that we can't deal with. They attack every weakness we have. But luckily this game just doesn't matter. Avoid injuries.

What a bunch of ******* getting run over by a WR

So I was watching previous matchups (fins pats) last night. They do the same sh@t every year offensively. The Pats literally have 5 plays in their playbook. Slant over the middle. RB draw. Slip screen. and a couple others. For the life of me I can't figure out HOW and WHY no one can stop them. We KNOW what they are going to do!!!

This Defense is lost and unprepared...We need Jesus in the playoffs.

Bad part about New England winning is the Brady and patriots slurping by the commentators increases a hundred fold

When we meet again in the playoffs....the Patriots are DOOMED!

So glad miami didn't have to beat new england to get in playoffs. Thankfully KC got us in ha. I had a feeling this game could end up like this, maybe miami will rally, but it could get ugly fast if the offense doesn't get some pts.

Matt Moore is a gunslinger!!! Who the **** was that to???

Well that was worse then I expected.

Yeahhhhhh. We aren't good

Edelman is a perfect fit for New England and their fans. He's a cocky asshole!

Watching them play like this sucks, but remember the last 8 years this would be the last game, it's not. They are in the playoffs! We have a great HC and they will keep building the team for the future playoff and championship runs!

Brady slurp slurp, Brady slurp slurp.

Edelman is a puke. He prays on teenage/college girls. And then the idiot falls asleep while a 19 yr old takes a pic of him bragging? Slut. A slut for a slut.

We just cannot match up w NE this year. Only team that really has a shot at beating them in AFC is Pitt. Not even KC. Alex Smith can't do enough. NE going to SB most likely. Probably winning it for 5th time w these asshats of Brady and Belichik.

They have to figure out a way to get Brady's jersey dirty. Pass rush has to figure it out and get him on his back and thinking about getting hit instead of giving him all freaking day to throw.

Patriots offense is so simple. But no one can stop it

Lots of holding by Pats line as usual, going uncalled, as usual. Why does this happen??

I wouldn't mind seeing both Brady and Edelman carted off the field.

I never root for injuries, but I would love to see someone just pummel entemans the cake boy.

Why is Bennett not being covered?????

It's funny how players like Blount and Floyd get rewarded for their off the field actions by getting claimed by New England lol

And they will make a superstar out of Michael Floyd of course. Getting him for nothing. Typical New England. Can't defend against that. Oh wait, you can. You take out Brady. I don't get why they aren't taking shots at that knee??

Hate how bias the cebras are with cheatriots as also how bad our D is playing. Just get the lady QB out of the game.

What a world. Michael Floyd gets an extreme DUI and gets awarded a Super Bowl ring. Sets a new precedent.

Perfect Suh way to go! Love it!

You think the Patriots will take out Brady at half? NOPE. Not a chance. They never do. So that's when you got to cash in KARMA and put him out of commission. Make him cry and never play another game this season. Suh is the man to do it. Get it done.

Pull the starters. We're not coming back. On to Pittsburgh.

Should we chalk up "only" 20-0 at the half an improvement to the last time we played the Pats?

We crossed midfield!!!

Patriot fans will be cheering like hell for Miami to upset the Steelers. They'd rather see this defense in Foxboro instead of Big Ben and Co.

Yeah Baby Fing LANDRY!!!

landry is a ****ing machine!

Nice O-LINE!! Give Moore time and he will make the passes every time. Landry nice 2nd effort. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow what an effort by Juice!!!

That is huge......need to hold them here and get another score to start the 2nd half.

I have NO PROBLEM with Landry he's like the only guy that actually wants to kick their butts!

Haha soon as Brady feels the heat he throws ball to ground like the ***** he is.

Unreal. The Landry penalty made Franks think he had to crush the kick and in this preparation he slips and f's the kick up. And now this.

Pats not stupid enough to kick to our return guys, they will kick thru the end zone. No returns

Christ Brady could have been decked there and they let up on him.

Gostkowski sucks this year. He's regressed a lot. I think he will be on his way out of the league soon enough. Pats will give him next season and if he stays bad he's gone.

AJAyi is so close to breaking one I feel it

**** yes!!!


Blown coverage, nice job!

Never doubt Matt Moore people!!!!! WOOO!!!! BEAUTY!!!! Dan Marino like right there. He can sling with Brady, no question. Open the playbook up!!!! Let's do this!!!

Yessssssss!!!! We do NOT get rid of him after this year. Why would we, makes no sense

OMG....a flag on New England.


****ing defense.

This defense just sucks, can't beat elite teams with them.

Give me a break. Hit to the head on a defenseless player uncalled?

i knew NE would score on their first possession of the 2nd half

************** me!

**** this defense. Real hard.

Hilarious that they leave Edelman how ****in stupid can you be

Someone beat the crap out of edelman, I can't stand that slimey POS

HAHAHA **** YOU EDELMAN!!! KEEP LIMPING YOU PUKE. Love it!! Work him over if he comes back and put him out for good. I want him carted off that puke. Love it. Now Brady's turn.

Nice Wake!! Knock him down again!!! Pats are stupid and desperate. They should have Brady on sidelines resting.

Good to see Brady on the ground....

Welp that's ball game.

Way to go Damian Williams...

Well, there goes the comeback

god I hate Tom brady

sweet crowd today. ugh. what a ****ing ****show

What a useless piece of ****.

Time to cheap shot Brady now, Just kidding but would love to see someone hit him just once

Blount Blount Blount. Can't stop him. Unreal.

Wow going for 2 really? And Edelman spiking ball into goal post????? C'mon. Start taking these guys out. I want them HURT. **** sakes, what is wrong with this team. Get dirty now and take them out. SIMPLE!!!!

Going for two? Screw these guys. These DUI enabling arrogant pieces of crap. It's hard to respect them.

It's easy to be 14-2 when you get to play by different rules than the rest of the league

On to next week. Face it, we beat one team all year with a winning record and it was the Steelers, so lets make it 2.

Trey Flowers made Urbick his bitch today.

I hate Dallas also but if that's the matchup in the SB I hope they beat the **** out of NE.

I want to play NE again in the playoffs.

I said it many times today. If they put Brady out to play this series, you go out and hurt him. Suh, it's time you revert back to your dirty ways. Step on his throat!!!

Pats have thrown 2 INTs all year. All ****ing year. Can you believe that?

And Brady goes straight to the locker room like the f***ing loser he is

What and get our azzzes kicked again......You like fish fries

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