Watch as mic'd up Julian Edelman shouts 'I got it!' after his incredible catch in Super Bowl LI

Patrick Semansky | Associated Press

The rest of Patriot Nation may have been on edge, but wide receiver Julian Edelman knew he caught it.

His incredible, heroic catch came late in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl LI, in which he snagged the ball just mere inches from the ground to help keep the New England Patriots’ chances of a comeback alive.

Inside the NFL has just recently released some awesome audible footage of the wide receiver yelling, “I caught it! I caught it! I caught it!”

Even Atlanta Falcons cornerback, Brian Poole, couldn’t believe it, as he and Edelman can be heard exchanging words about the play.

“I caught it – crazy,” Edelman said to Poole.

“No way, look at that,” Poole responded as he pointed toward the big screen.

Inside the NFL also released a clip showing Edelman nervously waiting for James White’s game-winning touchdown in overtime to be reviewed. He couldn’t believe it until Bill Belichick came over and told him. He can be heard saying at the end of the clip as he hugged Belichick, “Woo! Gotta believe. Gotta believe.”

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