Chris Harris Jr is upset that the Patriots are too good

Paul Sancya/Associated Press
When news broke that the Pats were trading third string QB Jacoby Brissett to the Indianapolis Colts for former first rounder Phillip Dorsett, Harris sent out this tweet.
Hey bro, Flip Dorsett caught 33 passes last season, ranking him 141st in the NFL. Not exactly WR1 territory. You call that cheating? Trust me, we’ve done a lot worse. (Allegedly)

I didn’t think Brissett would be the QB shown the door by the Pats this offseason, simply based on contract structure, but here we are. I’m happy to get something for one of our two backups at least. Bringing in Dorsett could fill two needs. He’s a freak athlete (from? THE U) who has elite speed. As a sophomore at Miami he was given punt return duties but didn’t do too much with it. He had 15 total returns with a 5.7 yard average. Not exactly Devin Hester back there. (Speaking of, where is Hester? Does he want a job??) But honestly if the kid can catch the ball and hand it to Tom Brady at the end of the play I’m happy. Especially because if we put Danny Amendola or Patrick Chung back there, the other two options, there is a big time injury risk. If it’s Dorsett back there, I’m with Ivan Drago: If he dies, he dies.

As a receiver, Dorsett does do one thing I’m very excited about. He has a knack for big plays. The Colts lost to the Denver Broncos in week 2 last year and Dorsett had only 1 catch, but it was for 30 yards. At Miami his senior year he had 36 catches for 871 yards and 10 tuddies. That’s 24.6 yards per catch! The kid can get behind defenders. This trend has continued at the NFL level. In his second season at Indy he had 33 catches for 528 yards and 2 tuddies. That’s 16 yards per catch. Out of pass catchers with minimum 25 receptions that rate was for 9th in the league last year. Tom must be licking his chops. We’ve seen guys like Brian Tyms and Sam Aiken become big play threats in the right system, and Dorsett has a much higher ceiling than those two.

I get where Chris Harris Jr is coming from. It must suck to wake up every morning knowing you are going to get beat by the Patriots and there’s nothing you can do about it. But just like Phillip Dorsett’s agent, Chris Harris Jr has bigger things to worry about. And if I were him, I’d lose sleep over my quarterback situation before I worried myself with which wide out Tommy Boy was going to torch me with.