Maurice Jones-Drew says he would take Andy Reid over Bill Belichick in Week 1

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The NFL season has yet to officially start, but that didn’t stop the first laughable take of the year from coming in.

We have Maurice Jones-Drew to thank for that.

On NFL Network this Sunday, the former running back and Heath Evans were looking ahead to Thursday night’s matchup between the New England Patriots and the Kansas City Chiefs.

When the subject of coaching came up, Jones-Drew stated that he would take the Chiefs’ head coach Andy Reid over the Patriots’ Bill Belichick, with less-than-prepared research to back up his reasoning.

“On Week 1 and on Bye Weeks, Andy Reid is 26-10. He has a winning record. I know he’s going against Bill Belichick, but I feel like when Andy Reid has extra time to prepare for a team, he pulls out all of the stops.” Jones-Drew said.

If he would have done his homework, Jones-Drew would have realized that Belichick is actually 43-19 in his career in Week 1 and after Bye Week games. Since the 2004 season, New England has only lost one Week 1 game.

We'll see if Jones-Drew's bold prediction holds true on not when the NFL season kicks off Thursday night.

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