Gronk wasn't happy a touchdown catch was ruled incomplete

Matthew J. Lee/Boston Globe

Rob Gronkowski caught a what looked to be a touchdown pass early in the second quarter of the Pats' 41-16 waxing of the once mighty Denver Broncos last night.

The problem is the refs didn't see it that way.

The call on the field was an incomplete pass, which the Patriots challenged and lost. After the game, Gronk let everyone know he wasn't happy about the call.

"I put my hand underneath the ball, I know for sure I caught it and I just don't understand why it wasn't a touchdown," Gronkowski said. "I mean, it didn't show no evidence of the ball hitting the ground. I know it didn't. My fingers were underneath it, it tilted up the ball and I knew it was right there and I brought it in.

"It landed on my forearm when I brought it in and I knew it exactly and I went up to coach and he's like, 'Are you sure?' And I was like, "I'm sure, man. I would never say that if I wasn't 100 percent sure.' Because you don't want to lose that kind of trust. I thought I caught it, man. I know I caught it. My fingers were right underneath it."

In terms of the final score, it doesn't matter that Gronk didn't score here. But to be clear, that should have been ruled a catch. The ball bounced in his arm and never touched the ground as he slid into the end zone untouched. He maintained control through the process.

Here's the play again:

Gronk has even more reason to be pissed about this because it keeps his touchdown catch total at five for the year. If he gets to 10, he earns an extra $6.75 million. He'd get an extra $8.75 million if he hit 12, which he can still get to.

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