Stephon Gilmore is really happy to be playing for a winner

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Stephon Gilmore has never played on a winning team until this year.

Criticized for his play earlier in the year, Gilmore has shown signs of turning things around in his last two games. He's happy to be contributing and even happier to be winning.


“I’ve never been 7-2 in this league. It’s crazy,” he said, a reference to his previous five years with the Buffalo Bills. “Oh man, we just have to keep it going. I haven’t won in my whole NFL career, so it feels good.”

Despite a holding penalty on a third down and being responsible for the only touchdown the Pats' defense gave up, Gilmore had a good game against the Broncos last night. He held Demaryius Thomas to just 44 yards on five catches.

Gilmore also gave a shout out to the Patriots' doctors, who helped him get through a concussion that kept him out of action for the last couple of games.

“I just listened to the doctors. They helped me out a lot. I just had to rest,” he said. “The only thing I didn’t like was that I couldn’t practice a couple days. I’m the type of person that likes to practice and work on my technique, but I felt like I played [well]. To miss a couple days, I was just blessed to be healthy again. …

“You just never know with those injuries. You just have to be careful, listen to the doctors, and be honest. I feel good now, so that’s a good thing.”

With Malcolm Butler's up-and-down season continuing, the emergence of Gilmore will be massive moving forward.

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