Josh Gordon reinstated by the NFL, has a bad life

When I was refreshing Schefty's twitter like a drug addict on Tuesday to see what kind of moves we might make I saw these tweets.

Starting day dreaming so hard I missed two meetings at work and I'm lucky I avoided an HR meeting based on how aroused I was. Then a mere 30 minutes later he tweeted this.
I don't know who fucked up what, but there is NO WORLD where this meeting can happen on Wednesday. It has to happen before the deadline. It just has to.

I've always wanted him. He seemed like a Randy Moss type. Elite talent with some head issues. Bill could get his head on straight and Tom could feed him 23 tuddies a year. It's mostly a pipe dream, but it's the holiday szn and I have the mind of a little boy.

I don't even know what happens now. The Browns control his rights for 2 more years under contract. I assume he can't move now, right?? The deadline passed. You're stuck in Cleveland buddy. What a horrible fate. Hey, you've finally made it back to the top of the mountain. You're an NFL player. You get to suit up on Sunday and play for the Browns and lose every week. Yay? At least you guys drafted Carson Wentz, Jared Goff, Deshaun Watson  (RIP in peace), Dak Prescott, traded for Jimmy.

So I guess if we're ever going to get him it wont be until the off season. Oh well. So long, 87 catches for 1649 yards and 9 tuddies. That was his MONSTER year in 2013. However, I will admit I lit-trally gasped when I saw his last game was December 21st 2014!!!!! That is so long ago. In fact, it's too long. There's no chance this guy can produce anywhere near the 2013 level without some time getting back into the game. You can miss a year, even with an injury, rehab, train, and get back to balling the next season. Josh is real good, but he's missed too much football. He will be useless for the rest of this season. All can he hope for is to be a bright shining star next year, if he can avoid the bong this summer. But the chances of that are about equal to his status the first week he's eligible. Doubtful.