This is what was happening the last time the Patriots had a losing season

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A lot can change over the years - especially in the NFL world – which is why Patriots’ fans should consider themselves lucky.

The New England Patriots clinched their 17th consecutive winning season after Sunday’s 35-17 win over the Miami Dolphins. This is the most all-time since the NFL merger.

Think about it - seventeen long, glorious years of dominating performance from your favorite sports team.

The last time the Patriots did not have a winning season came in the year 2000 in which the team went 5-11 and came in last place in the division.

Oh, how things have changed since then. Both the outside world and the NFL realm looked very different back in 2000. 247 Sports compiled a fun list of what was going on back in 2000, and we even added some of our own. Check out the list below!

The Indianapolis Colts were in the same division as the Patriots.

Pluto was still considered a planet.

Gillette Stadium hadn’t been built.

Marshall Faulk was the NFL MVP.

Patriots stars Julian Edelman was 14 years old, Rob Gronkowski was 11, Dont’a Hightower was 10 and Brandin Cooks was 7.

The Houston Texans weren’t even established yet.

Tom Brady had played in only one NFL game and completed one career pass.

The Nokia 3310 was the #1-selling cell phone in 2000.

Tiger Woods won his first US Open with a 15-stroke lead over the runner up.

The latest Harry Potter Book published was “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.”

How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Cast Away and X-Men were among the popular movies of the year.

The list could go on an on. But realizing how quickly and drastically things can change over time makes us that much more appreciative of the New England Patriots’ consistent successes.

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