Rob Gronkowski's suspension has big monetary impacts

Barry Chin/Boston Globe

By getting suspended for Monday night's game against the Miami Dolphins, Rob Gronkowski is not only losing out on playing in the game, he's also going to lose out on a nice chunk of change. 

According to Mike Reiss of ESPN, Gronk will lose $250,000 in game check money and $31,250 in bonuses, which in total will cost him $281,250. 

Gronk may lose out on even more money if he fails to meet other incentives in his contract. He now has a greater chance of losing out on earning up to $10.75 million if he hit one of a number of different incentives including: earning All-Pro recognition, catching 80 passes, amassing 1,200 receiving yards OR playing 90% of offensive snaps. 

There are a few other tiers of incentives in his contract, which Reiss outlines. 

Either way, Gronk will now have only three games left in the regular season to try and hit any of his target numbers. 

I'm no genius, but given that Gronk hasn't touched any of the money he's made from his Patriots contracts, I think he can afford to lose $281,250. Still, it obviously sucks for him. 

With all of that said, is anyone truly devastated that he's going to miss the Miami game? For all the crap he's gotten about becoming a dirty player all of a sudden, people forget that Miami as a team is way dirtier than Gronk could ever hope to be. 

It goes without saying that the Patriots want him out on the field, but keeping him fresh for the Pittsburgh game and the games to follow is of massive importance. Plus, Miami sucks. The Patriots should still win that game without him. 

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