Congrats, Pats fans! Max Kellerman thinks you're all dumb

Derrrrrr Patriots fans are dumb derrrrrrrr

I wanted to post this yesterday so it was a little more timely but I spent the whole day crying my eyes out because some guy who beat his wife at a college party insinuated I'm an idiot. He doesn't even know me!

But while Max Kellerman is probably right to assume I'm an idiot, the same can't be said for every single Patriots fan in existence.

Or can it?

Kellerman thinks so. On First Take earlier this week, Kellerman called Patriots fans the dumbest in sports.

This isn't even the first time Kellerman, a Giants fan (they are way, way dumber than us, for what it's worth), has attacked the New England fan base. Just a few weeks after the Patriots beat the Falcons in Super Bowl LI, Kellerman told Patriots fans to get over themselves for still crying about Deflategate. Pretty sure no one was crying about it after that game, though...

Really what this boils down to is another ESPN hack just trying to push ESPN's anti-Patriot agenda. I actually don't mind Kellerman and don't think he believes half the stuff he says, so really this is just funny to me.

But if we're assuming he's serious, I'd rather be a dumb sports fan than be a wife-beating wannabe rapper.

Just so we're clear, Max Kellerman > Eminem.

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