Everything coming up Gronk as All-Pro voters get him paid

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images
Nice bye week for the big dog, earning a cool $2.5 million while watching the Chiefs kindly excuse themselves from the yoffs. Gronk's new contract was very incentive based, so those were monitored all year by obsessives like me.

To hit the top tier of those incentives he had to play 90% of the offensive snaps, OR catch 80 balls, OR have 1200 receiving yards, OR be selected to the first team All Pro. After Gronk missed that early Tampa game, and then was suspended for the loss to the Fins, you knew he was pretty much screwed on all the stat based ones. He came damn close in a 14 game season (13 if you don't want to count the charade in week 17), posting 69 (nice) catches and 1,084 yards in 79.3% of the offense snaps.

So he only had one chance left, and that was being voted the best tight end in the league. We already know he's the best tight end in the league, but nice to see the NFL make it official for 2017. Very exciting for Gronk, and well deserved. I'm harder on him than anyone, and in a year when we lost Jules in the preseason there was more pressure than ever for #87 to stay healthy and productive. He certainly did just that. So take your fat pay day, put that money away, and give me one more month of good health please and thank you.

Oh and PS, Gronk tweeted out his thanks
And I hope no one is sleeping on that "working smarter" part. It's well documented that he joined the TB12 work out team this year (by choice!) and he sure is looking pliable. We stand united indeed!