Patriots respond to Jalen Ramsey's Super Bowl guarantee exactly the way you'd expect

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After the Jacksonville Jaguars 45-42 upset (which wasn't much of an upset if you believe overlooking an opponent is a dumb idea) of the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Divisional Round on Sunday, the Jags were high on pure emotion.

Cornerback Jalen Ramsey went as far as to say not only are the Jags going to the Super Bowl, they're going to win it.


"I ain't got too much to say, but make sure you all bring that same energy out next week and the week after," Ramsey said into a microphone. "We are going to the Super Bowl, and we are going to win that b----. We are going to win that b----."

This is almost exactly what the Steelers did to the Jaguars and lost. They severely overlooked their opponent. And now Jacksonville is doing this to New England. You would think that being on the other end of this, Jacksonville wouldn't have said anything premature like this, but I guess there's at least one idiot on most every other team.

Ramsey's comments got back to the Patriots. As you would expect, they didn't take the bait and instead praised Ramsey.


“Jalen Ramsey is a good player. He talks a lot of trash. That’s a part of his game, and you can’t take it away from him," Patriots safety Duron Harmon, one of the team’s captains, said Monday. "He’s confident. He should be confident in his team. He has a really good football team.

“The top two AFC teams are left, and he’s a part of one of them. His approach to the game is different from ours, but we can’t knock him for it.”

“Man, that guy is really good. He should be confident because he’s very, very good,” special-teams captain Matthew Slater said. “When the good Lord made that guy, he said, ‘Let there be corner.’ And there he is. I’d be confident if I were him as well.”

This is exactly what the rest of the Jaguars players should do if they're smart. The more crap you talk to or about the Patriots, the worse it's going to end up for you.

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