Gronk crashes bachelor party dressed as a leprechaun

Jim Rogash | Getty Images

Rob Gronkowski always knows how to make the best of his NFL offseasons.

He has appeared on the Family Feud gameshow, was seen in the “Entourage” movie, has been a pace car driver for a NASCAR race and so much more over the years.

And now, he has been seen “disguised” as a leprechaun while crashing a bachelor party over St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

In fact, the party in which he crashed belonged to John Breech, an NFL writer for CBS Sports and son of long-time kicker Jim Breech.

“I’m drinking at my bachelor party, so roll with this as you will… but Gronk was in the booth next to me at a bar, told a Patriots fan he WASN’T retiring,” Breech tweeted. “My dad (all-time leading scorer for the Bengals) talked to him. Told him I was media, said TBD on retirement.”

“Not sure if he’s going to retire, but said he could be playing for the ‘69ers’ next season,” Breech continued on Twitter. “I love my job. I love Gronk. #Patriots.”

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