Jags head coach Doug Marrone hasn't watched the Super Bowl in years

Michael DeMocker/NOLA.com

When your team is within minutes of making it to the Super Bowl and blow it, it'd be understandable if you didn't want to watch it.

It goes further than that for Doug Marrone, though. The Jaguars head coach claims he hasn't watched the Super Bowl in decades because it's too painful for him.


"When you aspire to go there, and you're not there, I just don't want to go through the whole season again in my mind, and not being there," Marrone said Wednesday on a conference call with New England media. "... I'm usually so pissed off, I can't handle it."

What's more, Marrone says he won't even watch film of last year's Super Bowl to help his team prepare for the Patriots. I know there are a million other games he could watch, but seeing as how that one is kind of recent, one might think that'd be a good one to look at. But do you, Dougie.

Marrone, 54, said the last time he can remember watching a Super Bowl was when he was around 12 years old. So what the hell does he do on that Sunday?

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