Bill Belichick narrates World Series intro, offers high praise for James White in conference call

Jim Rogash | Getty Images

While hyping up the World Series as the voiceover in the opening video, Bill Belichick has also been hyping up his players.

The New England Patriots head coach offered some exciting words for the Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers in the World Series opening video that premiered Tuesday night. Also on Tuesday in his conference call with the media, he spoke very appreciative and highly of running back James White.

One probably wouldn’t think of Belichick as the potential hype-man, but the MLB found him fitting as a voice of reason behind success and championships. Check out the video below.

Turning the focus back to football during his conference call Tuesday, Belichick went into depth on how running back James White approaches the game.

“He asks questions like a coach would ask them,” Belichick said. “Has an ability to think really far ahead of what problems could occur on certain front or looks or what have you. He does a great job of that.”

Elaborating more on how White thinks like a coach, Belichick says that instead of just understanding his assignment, White thinks of all the other possible scenarios and outcomes of each play.

“I think when you talk to a coach about a play that’s the way a coach looks at it. He sees the whole play, sees all the issues, ‘Here’s what we’re trying to do but if they took that away from us, what would we do? Would we go to a different play or would we adjust this play? How would we adjust it?’ Things like that.”

In a potentially expanding role with Sony Michel out at the moment, White could see more dependence on him, both in the backfield as a pass catcher. And it sounds like Belichick has the utmost respect and confidence for the type of player that he is.

“He works very hard in the offseason. He works hard in season, works hard off the field, on the field, knows what his assignments or responsibilities are and does his very best to carry them out. You can’t as for any more than that.”

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