John's Well Educated Guesses: Patriots at Bears - Recap

Awesome Jelly
Sometimes the best sign of a good team is when you can pull out a win despite it being that one game in your Madden season when everything goes wrong. I'm scared to admit that might not even have been our Madden game, we got too many Special Teams breaks for my liking. But on the scale of 1 to Murphy's Law, this game was about a 7.7.

It's easy to run train on lesser mortals when everything is clicking, but we got behind early in a hostile environment against a good defense. That one could have slipped through our fingers if we weren't careful. But say it with me. A win is a win is a win. They don't ask how, they ask how many, and we got 5 of em. I will say we've looked shaaaaaaaaakey on the road. That KC win is huge cause I'm gonna knead that one seed.

Let's pay the piper.

Prediction: Tits Trubisky throws two picks. He's thrown 4 on the year (less than Tom, KILL ME) and has only gone 2 of his 5 games without throwing at least one. The Pats secondary grabbed two huge picks last week, and I think they stay hot this week. We saw all those stats of young quarterbacks going up against a Bill Belichick defense. Well Tits is only 24 and he's a hell of a lot worse than Pattie Homie. I'll take one in each half if you're open to it big guy.

Result: BANG! Though I barely want to count this because it should have been 4. But that's a snipe.

Prediction: Flash Gordon finds the end zone again. With they way Tommy was force feeding him the ball last week, coupled with the sky rocketing of Flash's snap count, there's just no way this doesn't hit. I hope its a long bomb, but either way he's such a red zone target he will get plenty of opportunities if teams are going to keep focusing on Gronk they way they are.

Result: He led the team with 4 catches and 100 yards, but he was tackled on the 1 yard line cause he got too tired trying to crib that game breaker. Half point? Sure, don't mind if I do.

Prediction: Sony Michele keeps chugging. NOTHING STOPS THIS TRAIN. Listen, the Bears D has been awesome. But last week they let the ghost of Frank Gore rush for 101 yards against them. There will come a time when Sony slows down, mixes in a bad outing or two, or maybe the game just dictates more passing. But right now, Josh Micky D is loving the balance in the offense. Jimmy Neckroll is loving pancaking linebackers and creating holes. And Sony is loving running that rock. He doesn't have to score, but I would say he needs 90+ for me to be right.

Result: He had 4 for 22 and was well on his way IMHFO when he went down. But he fell way short due to a scary injury, Anne Frankly I'm willing to take the fact that he's still living a win here and move on.

Prediction: Yawn. Don't love that its on the road where we've been crushed twice this year. Wish Mack wasn't playing but glad he's hobbled. Tits is too young. Tom is too good. We have too many weapons. The Bears can play but they can't hang with the older kids yet. Pats 34 Bears 20

Result: Bears got a little bit more than I expected but I didn't realize we were gonna give them the ball on our side of the field twice. Close enough for hand grenades as they say, eh?