Kyle Van Noy reminisces on trade to Patriots

Al Bello | Getty Images

October 25 is a special day for New England Patriots linebacker Kyle Van Noy.

That day, two years ago, is a day that Van Noy says saved his career. It was the day that the Patriots sent a sixth-round pick to Detroit in exchange for Van Noy and a seventh-round pick.

“Saved (my career), probably.” Van Noy said. “Honestly. It’s been a blessing. Kind of changed my whole life type of deal. Huge blessing.”

The six-year veteran took to Twitter on this specific day, each of the last two years, to celebrate the anniversary.

Although he was a starter in Detroit, Van Noy was part of a struggling defense. Two years later, he’s still a starter, along with being a Super Bowl champion who has earned a contract extension.

“Definitely gotta thank (Bill Belichick),” Van Noy said. “He’s a big part of why I’m here. If not, the reason.”

And it sounds like the feeling is mutual, as Belichick said he's become one of the team leaders.

"He’s a player that didn’t start his career here but has come in and really has understood the way that we have tried to do things," Belichick said. "He’s embraced it. He’s become very much of a leader in doing his job and doing it the right way, but also helping other guys, particularly guys that transition onto the team as he did. He has a good perspective for that.”

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