John’s Well-Educated Guesses: Patriots vs Packers – Recap

I can’t complain about a win.  Doesn’t matter if I am still tired from staying up late and vaguely hungover two days later.  A win is a win.

Especially when you win convincingly after having the game tied 17-17 late and they have the ball.  Offense had some problems at times but the defense kept us in the game before we could finally pull away.  We have seen Rodgers pull some magic, and while he did have his moments, they limited him enough.

No more prime time games scheduled for this year and the schedule gets more reasonable with some AFC East games to play. 

Now, if only my predictions would look as good…Let’s recap.

Prediction:  Two turnovers for Pats D – I think the much maligned Pats defense is starting to turn a corner.  Gimme two turnovers like I need air to breathe.

Result:  Only one turnover, but it was HUGE.  Does that count as a double turnover??  Either way, that was what really turned the game.  The defense was letting up huge yards and got off the field enough to win, but that fumble was the catalyst.  You may also consider that roughing the kicker penalty as a turnover too because we got a fresh set of downs.  Intelligent fans will remember that my prediction was correct, but I guess I gotta take an L in the box score for this one.

Prediction:  Gordon goes over 100 – We have seen Josh Gordon play more and more snaps, he went over 100 last week and I think we continue to lean on him.  Harder to mess up when everyone is counting on you right?

Result:  10 targets, 5 receptions for 130 yards and a tuddy.  He had another circus catch that was called out of bounds, but that is questionable based on replay.  Either way, best game so far as I predicted.  He made me real nervous with his fingers needing to be popped back in, but he is a big part of this offense now.  If he keeps his nose clean, he is a real threat.

Prediction:  Pats win 31-24 – I’m really hoping for a complete team win playing the full 60 minutes.  It’s easy to get complacent, but this is one of those little games that you want to stay sharp with.  Schedule isn’t too tough moving forward, so let’s keep on track.

Result: Pats win 31-17 – I figured Rodgers would throw up a garbage-time tuddy, but it didn’t happen, but I’m still pretty on point with this. 
Like I said, the Pats are starting to put it together.  Let’s take it one week at a time and keep an eye on the Chiefs.  Otherwise, if we take care of business, I like where this team is going.