Trey Flowers hits on missing Patriots pass rush

Bob DeChiara | USA TODAY Sports

Pretty much nothing went right for the New England Patriots in their 34-10 blowout loss to the Tennessee Titans on Sunday afternoon.

And now, we’re hearing the players side of it.

Just a week after a strong showing in all phases of the game against the Green Bay Packers, not one phase seemed to be clicking on Sunday.

Defensive end, Trey Flowers, tried to explain the lack of pressure on Titans’ quarterback Marcus Mariota:

“I think it’s just, for one, we didn’t put ourselves in a lot of pass situations,” Flowers said. “We couldn’t stop the run, so it was one of those deals that we didn’t make them one-dimensional, so we had to play the run. We had to have a lot of calls to play the run and respect the run.”

“Another thing, just not executing the game plan as well as we probably did against other quarterbacks and things like that,” Flowers continued. “It was just one of those things where you gotta come out each and every week — just because you did it last week or the week before, it’s not guaranteed just to happen on Sunday. You gotta prepare throughout the week and continue to get better.”

The Patriots will have a week off to get down to business and figure out their issues. The next game will be a divisional game against the New York Jets on Nov. 25.

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