Josh Gordon says he loves being around Tom Brady

Getty Images

So far so good.

When the New England Patriots traded for Cleveland Browns’ wide receiver Josh Gordon back in September, people weren’t quite sure how he would do with his new team. Gordon has struggled with substance abuse in the past and had only participated in 10 games from 2014 to 2017.

But fast forward to this current season, and the wide receiver has already matched that total.

One of the main reasons for his success? Gordon says it’s Tom Brady.

As soon as he arrived in New England, his locker was placed next to Brady’s – and from there, their connection has grown.

“It’s good to be able to be in such close proximity to learn from him. I look up to the guy.” Gordon said. “He’s done everything right, so I just enjoy the time being around him.”

“I came in with the idea he was a hard-working guy, and he’s done nothing but shown that continuously and consistently,” Gordon continued. “He’s a family man, he loves his family, FaceTiming with his kids, which is something I can relate to with my family, my kids. He enjoys the game and everything that comes with it.”

Gordon and his new team currently sit atop the AFC East and have a record of 9-3.

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