Kyle Van Noy: “We don’t got stars here, we’ve got elite football players”

Mark Humphrey | AP Photo

According to linebacker Kyle Van Noy, there are no stars or stat chasers needed nor wanted in the New England Patriots’ organization because that’s not their main focus. It’s always been about winning and only winning.

“We don’t got stars here, we’ve got elite football players and that’s what I keep telling everybody,” Van Noy said to Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated. “We’ve got elite football players. If you watch that [Super Bowl LIII] game, you’re gonna see high-level, elite football players.”

“They go to work, they don’t talk, they’re about that action, and they’re about winning,” he continued. “And they play. Their stats and all that stuff is to the side, and they worry about winning.”

En route to the franchise’s sixth championship, Van Noy and the defense were a huge part of the victory. The linebacker racked up three tackles and a very important third-down sack in the second quarter to keep the Rams’ from picking up any momentum earlier in the game.

The defense continued to let its efforts do the talking, as they held one of the league’s top scoring offenses to just three points overall. New England defeated the Los Angeles Rams in a score of 13-3 in Super Bowl LIII.

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