Patriots players will take the silent approach when addressing Robert Kraft situation

Carlos Osorio | AP Photo

If there’s one team that knows how to handle drama and adversity, the New England Patriots are it.

Throughout the team’s recent past, they have had to deal with the Aaron Hernandez situation and Tom Brady’s and Julian Edelman’s suspension; and now they’re adding another case to the list.

Amongst reports that team owner Robert Kraft has been charged with soliciting prostitutes at a Florida spa, players are doing what they do best – ignoring the noise, doing their jobs and controlling what they can control.

With that being said, Patriots’ Jason and Devin McCourty spoke with the InterContinental San Juan on Sunday about how they are dealing with the recent circumstances surrounding the team. [The brothers are visiting the island on a goodwill trip.]

“Bill [Belichick] talks about it all the time when distractions or different things come up,” Jason said. “He says, ‘Whoever’s dealing with it, you allow them to deal with it.’”

“There’s no comment that we can make on somebody else’s situation that’s going to help it. It doesn’t do anything. If another guy is dealing with a situation, you can just say, ‘I’m talking to him, communicating him, wishing him well and hoping everything works out.’ There’s nothing I can do to help that person. Looking at it through that lens helps to minimize it in your world because you have your own responsibilities and priorities to take care of.”

His twin brother Devin went on to say, “When the time comes to work, we work. We don’t’ care who’s there, who’s not there, what we have to do differently. We kind of treat it as if an injury has happened. You don’t know who’s gonna be there from one week to the next. And even though in your personal time you might reach out and do what you can, when it’s time to come in and play football, that’s our focus.”

So, as if you didn’t already know, it’s highly unlikely that the New England Patriots’ players will have any say about the Robert Kraft case. The silent treatment and ignoring the noise are what they’re good at, and that’s how they’re going to handle this new situation.

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