Ja'Whaun Bentley Ready To Have Fun

The promising career of Ja'Whaun Bentley was put on hold after last year's Week 3 loss to the Detroit Lions with torn biceps.  Bentley quickly put aside the heartbreak of a season ending injury and got to work in other ways.  He was still a rookie and needed to learn the Patriots system, which he studied film and techniques of veteran teammates.  

“Obviously, you want to be out there with your guys, so you just find a new role on the team, whether it is being a good observer, just being ready, period, no matter what the situation may be. You’ve just got to roll with the punches.”

Cut to this year, on the first day of training camp, Bentley wrote a phrase as a reminder from his brother on his taped up wrist that simply read "HAVE FUN".  “That’s the goal, you want to come out here and have fun,” the second-year Patriots linebacker said. “You want to be mentally ready, you want to be prepared. If you do all that, you begin to have fun, so at the end of the day, that’s what we’re out here to do. Football is supposed to be a fun game.”  Now I think many of the veterans in the league will tell you that training camp is certainly the opposite.  High temperatures and lots of cardio make for early lights out.  Bentley saw how precious a career in the NFL is and being back on the field, playing the game he loves, does not want to take it for granted.

Bentley is returning to a veteran stacked linebacker core and with his size and speed should fit right back into the mix.  With former Patriot Jerod Mayo as the new linebackers coach, the Patriots defensive system looks to remain at top of the NFL.

I for one am psyched to have Bentley back and healthy.  I know the Pats have made additions to the defense but I'm a Bentley guy, there's something about his size, speed and talent that I know is going to dominate.  I'm ready for him to turn more heads than yelling "Hey Sully" at Dunkin Donuts in Newburyport.  Anyone else ever notice that gross growth on Max Kellerman's lip?  Anyhoo, I'm the new guy, TC13, not the TB12 method, but a process.


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