Tom Brady hilariously shuts down Twitter troll who made fun of his speed

Nick Cammett | Getty Images

After Yahoo Sports NFL tweeted out a screenshot of quarterback ratings for the Madden NFL 20 game, one specific Twitter user made it well-known that he disagreed.

Upon seeing that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady came in at 96 – just one point lower than Patrick Mahomes who took the top spot – Twitter user Matt Harrington chimed in.

“Tom Brady can’t run 2 yards how the hell is he a 96?” said Harrington.

Yahoo responded with a picture of Brady and his six Super Bowl rings, that ultimately resulted in more banter between the two accounts.

Then all of a sudden, the six-time Super Bowl champion himself stepped in and ended things so much quicker than they started with one simple statement.

“I’m so much faster than you Matt.”

Boom. Done. As Yahoo Sports NFL put it, “You come at the king, you best not miss!”

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