Belichick opens up about Josh Gordon

Getty Images
Made ya look!  Aren't we all used to this by now?  He ain't answering your stupid questions pally.  Poor Steve Burton, celebrating his 25th year with WBZ in Boston.  He survived the Bob Lobel years for heavens sake.  Looked like a rookie reporter on Saturday evening in Tennessee when asking Bill Belichick about Josh Gordon.  Faced!  Look, you all know I love the movie Rudy, I root for the underdog so naturally I love Josh Gordon.  Can you imagine Gordon, Harry and Edelman lining up together?  Defenses will need to change their shorts.  Gordon's potential always outweighs his personal demons, but at this point, we all are rooting for Josh Gordon, the human being.  Belichick issued a statement that basically said in Belichikian that he will evaluate him when he rejoins the team.

Seriously though, I want to see Josh Gordon smile like he means it on the sidelines, having fun and kicking ass.  Get that feeling back son, like when you were a kid.  The world is still waiting for you Josh, we see your talent and hope you do too.  If you take a different route, be it the best for yourself.  We want you to succeed in life, that's the most important thing.  Be the best Josh there is and if you need help, you've got a nation of Patriots fans that will have your back.  Call me, I'll be there in five minutes kid.


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