Game Recap: Patriots @ Titans

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Sorry Tony Romo, Scott Zolak is my quarterback....commentator.  Zo always knows the play that's coming before it happens and has been doing it on radio for years while partnered with Bob Socci.  Zo is just that guy who you could run in to at the local polish club and watch a game together as if you've known each other for 20 years.  You buy him one, he buys you one.  You high five when the Pats score and give that dumb who farted look when they get scored on.  Scott Zolak, man of the people.  Zo, just gimme a chance to watch one game with you and we'll be headbutting and breaking windows by the second drive.  

Oh yeah, there was a football contest.  

Good lawd.  There were more flags flying than the United Nations tonight in Nashville.  No Tom Brady, no real starters.  First reaction to a standout first half was for second year left tackle Isaiah Wynn.  He was sidelined for all his rookie season due to injury, but looked like a grizzled veteran when partnered with left guard Ted Karras for a beefy blindside. Brian Hoyer actually came out of the gate throwing long, but quickly reverted back to safe 10-15 yard passes after giving up a pick to former Patriot Logan Ryan.  Patriots were second to score with a Brandon Bolden 1 yd run.  Bolden looked as he always does, consistent and reliable for tough yards.  Patriots rookie Damien Harris missed last weeks game, but made up for lost time by running and catching the ball for positive yards.

Jakobi Meyers - Makes catching the football look way too easy
Chase Winovich - Kid is a football player.  Not so big, but man is he quick and tough and plays special teams
Joejuan Williams - Looks like he could be a tight end, love what I've seen so far
Jarrett Stidham - Not too friggin bad, kid's an athlete who can read the field well
Nick Brossette - Has bro in his name, awesome

I love that the Patriots are working in so many fullbacks.  James Develin is so underrated and so is the fullback position.  Smash mouth, down your throat football pally.  I love how awkward they look when they get to carry the ball, but they are usually jacked, so you ain't prying that puppy loose fatso.

Jarrett Stidham
Brian Hoyer


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