Malcolm Mitchell just made me cry

Jonathan Wiggs/The Boston Globe via Getty Images
At first I thought I was watching a snuff film.  The short film made by Malcolm Mitchell about his "breakup" with football was shot in Super 8 and takes an artistic look into Mitchell's feelings towards retirement.  I gotta say it was pretty good.  Very artistic way of venting his frustration about having to give up football and comparing it to a relationship.  He rattles off injury after injury starting I believe in the seventh grade he said.

He was drafted in 2016, had 6 receptions for 70 yards in the best Super Bowl ever, but then nagging injuries started to plague his career and was released by the Patriots last August.  This is supposedly a first of a series.  I think he's trying to put what's in his head on the film and it translates.  Looks like it was shot in his hometown of Valdosta, GA where he finds himself to start reluctantly living his life.  Dude's only 26 and had to retire, sucks.


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